Dream Big - Expect Nothing - Happy Life” - Mr. Glitch

What's with all this talk about Rock & Roll having it's day?

The Rockin Upbeat Express is High Energy Upbeat Rock & Roll from South Florida!


It's EXITING and THRILLING to listen to! 

People DIG IT!

This aint no cheesy version of Rock & Roll with lyrical clic'hes , creepy glam clothes, and guitar re-riffs from Yesterday!

No!.....This is the Real Deal! 

Listen to Shout for Rock & Roll!

Listen to Zombies!

Listen to Get the Parmesan!

Listen to Father Time!

Your gonna LOVE IT!

Your really gonna LOVE IT!

That's right!


The Rockin Upbeat Express is all but one solo member, "Glitch" Lee

A grammy winning songwriter - A multi-instrumentalist - He composes - records - and performs all of the instruments on every track!

His music is brimming with  Originality - Personality - Catchy Hooks - Big Guitars 

Originality is the key word!

It's a New Sound!!


His prior band DogDay  had some early sucssess when in 2001 , the track "FIRST TASTE"

was voted  "Most requested song of the Year"  on the South Florida local radio station 94.9 ZETA - the sunday night "local show"...It aired Dec.30 2001.


In 2011 he released his solo debut album called Buzzy Frets to much sucssess!


He is currently working on new music to be released in 2020 and looks forward to releasing it as he promotes his sound and style.


His main drive to write music is driven by YOU!....

The Fans!!!

It's all about YOU!




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