Dream Big - Expect Nothing - Happy Life” - Glitch

What's with all this talk about Rock & Roll having it's day?


 The Rockin Upbeat Express is High Energy Upbeat

Rock & Roll from South Florida!



It's EXCITING and THRILLING to listen to! 

People DIG IT!

Listen to That's a Rap

Listen to Flying High

Listen to Shout for Rock & Roll!

Your gonna LOVE IT!

Your really gonna LOVE IT!

That's right! ........ n


The Rockin Upbeat Express is all but one solo member, "Glitch" 

A talented songwriter - A multi-instrumentalist - Glitch composes - records - and performs all of the instruments and vocal's on every track!

The music is brimming with:  

Originality - Catchy Hooks - Big Guitars 

Originality is the key word!

It's a New Sound!!


His prior band Dog Day  had some early success when in 2001 , the track "FIRST TASTE"

was voted  "Most requested song of the Year"  on the South Florida local radio station 94.9 ZETA - the sunday night "local show"...It aired Dec.30 2001.


In 2011 he released his solo debut album called Buzzy Frets to much success!


His main drive to write music is driven by YOU!....

The Fans!!!

It's all about YOU!




That's a Rap

That's a Rap


It's so wonderful today
Cloud's and rain a dreary day
Hail from hell up sinner's way

What makes it wonderful today
Is I escaped and got away
From the captor's and the demon's had me bound
So if you find your inner strength
I suggest you break away
And this is just a glimpse of how I feel
And That's a Rap

I've seen so many souls been saved
Tried to help them on their way
I'm no hero I can say
But what's so troubling today
Is how so many fall to prey
Raptured in this world
Caught up, snared and bound
It's time to finally break away
Drive your demons in the grave
And this is just a glimpse of how I feel
And that's a Rap

Oh, It's so wonderful today
Oh' so wonderful today
I cant help but sing and praise
Cloud's and rain a dreary day
I escaped and got away
Dug myself up from the grave
And it's a new day

So if your life's in disarray
And you cannot break away
From the captors and 
the demons have you bound
It's time to find some inner strength
Cast your demons in the grave
And this is just a glimpse of how I feel
And that's a Rap